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A Bit About Me

Ellyn Brown

Ever since attending my sister in laws birth in 2014, I have loved childbirth and had so much adoration and awe for birthing people. I love birth work because I love supporting and creating space for birthing people during this sacred period in their lives. I am deeply passionate about bodily autonomy and actively aiding the birthing persons’ rights, especially during this intensely personal and vulnerable time. I am also devoted to preventing birth trauma and creating space for and working through past birth trauma. My earnest desire is to assist you so that you can have the happiest birth experience, because you deserve it!
With my first birth experience, I struggled with anxiety when I thought about giving birth. My partner was a wonderful support to me but he also didn't feel like he knew how to fully support me, so we hired a certifying doula to advocate for me and help my partner know how to support me before, during and after my birth.  During my time meeting with her and throughout my labor process, I learned that I had the power to advocate for myself and that my body knew how to birth my baby, even if I didn't truly believe that. I felt, and still feel, so empowered and strengthened - mind, body and spirit - through that accomplishment. That led me to want to serve others in having a similarly powerful experience I hope that through my service that I can create a ripple effect of change in the birthing world, so that birthing people can know (and share with their friends) that they can have a happy and positive birth experience that will impact the rest of their lives.
I graduated with my bachelors degree in fine arts with an emphasis of painting in 2017 and shortly thereafter gave birth. I have 2 wonderful kids, a daughter, Ruby and a son, Vincent. I enjoy seeing them grow and spending time with my dogs, Chewy and Nacho. I am an amateur gardener and cook, but I am a pro at making top ramen and watching random documentaries on Netflix.
I would love to support you on your journey of parenthood, whether this is your first, second or fifteenth child!

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